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Question: What time is it in San Francisco de la Paz? Answer: San Francisco de la Paz (Olancho) is located in "CST" time zone [*1] (GMT offset in hours: -6) and daylight saving time is NOT active ⇒ Current Local time is (in moment when this page is generated): Friday, 30. October 2020, 02:19 Refresh page if necessary

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San Francisco de la Paz info:
Country: Honduras
Currency: HNL, Lempira
Continent: North America
Population: ≈ 5 411 = 0.677‰ HND Population
Elevation: ≈ 667 m
GPS coordinates 14° 54' 0" North, 86° 12' 0" West
Distance from * Equator: 1656.7 km (1029.4 mi)
Distance from * North pole: 8350.3 km (5188.7 mi)
Languages: [*2] Spanish/Honduras
AC power plug 120 V • 60 Hz • A,B [*3]
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Time difference from San Francisco de la Paz:

Los Angeles*|-1
Mexico City|0
New York+2|**
Rio de Janeiro+3|***

[*1] CST = America/Tegucigalpa Time Zone

[*3] AC power plug:

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