Current Local time in Nepal:

Question: What time is it in Nepal? Answer: Nepal have one time zone [*1], Current Local time is (in moment when this page is generated): Tuesday, 18. May 2021, 00:22 Refresh page if necessary
Shown analog clock is for most common time zone for this country (Asia/Kathmandu, offset in hours: 5.75). For more details, find city below this text. Continent: Asia.

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Nepal info:
Capital: Kathmandu
Languages: Nepali + additional 1.
Currency: NPR, Rupee
Population ; Area: 28 951 852 ; 140 800 km²
Population Density: 206 /km²
Calling Code +977 []
ISO3166 codes: ISO2: NP, ISO3: NPL, num: 524
Postcode format: #####
AC power plug: 230 V • 50 Hz • C,D,M
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Bāglung (Western Region)
Banepa (Central Region)
Bhadrapur (Eastern Region)
Bhairāhawā Siddharthanagar (Western Region)
Bharatpur (Central Region)
Birātnagar (Eastern Region)
Birendranagar (Mid Western)
Bīrganj Birgunj (Central Region)
Butwāl (Western Region)
Dadeldhurā (Far Western)
Dailekh (Mid Western)
Dārchulā (Western Region)
Dhangarhi Dhangadhi (Far Western)
Dhankutā (Eastern Region)
Dharān Bāzār (Eastern Region)
Dipayal (Far Western)
Gaur (Central Region)
Gulariyā (Mid Western)
Hari Bdr Tamang House (Central Region)
Hitura (Central Region)
Ilām (Eastern Region)
Ithari (Eastern Region)
Jaleswar (Central Region)
Janakpur (Central Region)
Jumla (Mid Western)
kankrabari Dovan (Central Region)
Kathmandu (Central Region)
Khāndbāri (Eastern Region)
Kirtipur (Central Region)
Lahān (Eastern Region)
Lobujya (Eastern Region)
Mahendranagar (Far Western)
Malangwa (Central Region)
Nepalgunj (Mid Western)
Panaoti (Central Region)
Pātan Patan (Central Region)
Pokhara (Western Region)
Rājbirāj (Eastern Region)
Sirāhā (Eastern Region)
Tānsen (Western Region)
Tīkāpur (Far Western)
Tulsīpur (Mid Western)
Wāling (Western Region)

[*1] Only cities from our database are used in calculation of time interval.

*Languages in Nepal: • Nepali • English

*AC power plug:

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