Current Local time in Greece:

Question: What time is it in Greece? Answer: Greece have one time zone [*1], Current Local time is (in moment when this page is generated): Saturday, 02. July 2022, 20:49 Refresh page if necessary
Shown analog clock is for most common time zone for this country (Europe/Athens, offset in hours: 3). For more details, find city below this text. Continent: Europe.

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Greece info:
Capital: Athens
Languages: Modern Greek (1453-)/Greece + additional 2.
Currency: EUR, Euro
Population ; Area: 11 000 000 ; 131 940 km²
Population Density: 83 /km²
Calling Code +30 []
ISO3166 codes: ISO2: GR, ISO3: GRC, num: 300
Postcode format: ### ##
AC power plug: 230 V • 50 Hz • C,F
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Not full list! Only 50 largest cities in alphabetical order:
Acharnés Acharnes (Attica)
Agía Paraskeví (Attica)
Agios Dimitrios (Attica)
Agrínio Agrinio (West Greece)
Aigáleo (Attica)
Alexandroúpoli Alexandroupoli (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Álimos Alimos (Attica)
Athens (Attica)
Chaïdári (Attica)
Chalkída Chalcis (Central Greece)
Chaniá Chania (Crete)
Dráma Drama (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Galátsi Galatsi (Attica)
Glyfáda Glyfada (Attica)
Ílion Nea Liosia (Attica)
Ilioúpoli (Attica)
Ioánnina Ioannina (Epirus)
Irákleio Irakleio (Attica)
Irákleion Heraklion (Crete)
Kalamariá Kalamaria (Central Macedonia)
Kalamáta Kalamata (Peloponnese)
Kallithéa Kallithea (Attica)
Kateríni Katerini (Central Macedonia)
Kavála Kavala (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Keratsíni Keratsini (Attica)
Khalándrion Chalandri (Attica)
Kifisiá Kifissia (Attica)
Komotiní Komotini (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Korydallós (Attica)
Lamía Lamia (Central Greece)
Lárisa (Thessaly)
Maroúsi Marousi (Attica)
Néa Ionía Nea Ionia (Attica)
Néa Smýrni (Attica)
Níkaia Nikaia (Attica)
Palaió Fáliro Old Faliron (Attica)
Pátra Pátrai (West Greece)
Peristéri Peristeri (Attica)
Petroúpolis (Attica)
Piraeus (Attica)
Ródos Rhodes (South Aegean)
Sérres Serres (Central Macedonia)
Sykiés (Central Macedonia)
Thessaloníki Thessaloniki (Central Macedonia)
Tríkala Trikala (Thessaly)
Véroia (Central Macedonia)
Vólos Volos (Thessaly)
Výronas (Attica)
Xánthi (East Macedonia and Thrace)
Zográfos Zografos (Attica)

[*1] Only cities from our database are used in calculation of time interval.

*Languages in Greece: • Modern Greek (1453-)/Greece • English • French

*AC power plug:

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