Cities starting with "B"

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Not full list! Only 50 largest cities in alphabetical order (Cities starting with B):
Balen (Flanders)
Basse Lasne (Wallonia)
Bassenge (Wallonia)
Bastogne (Wallonia)
Beaumont (Wallonia)
Beauraing (Wallonia)
Beauvechain (Wallonia)
Beernem (Flanders)
Beerse (Flanders)
Beersel (Flanders)
Begijnendijk (Flanders)
Bekkevoort (Flanders)
Beloeil (Wallonia)
Beringen (Flanders)
Berlaar (Flanders)
Berlare (Flanders)
Bernissart (Wallonia)
Bertem (Flanders)
Bertrix (Wallonia)
Beveren (Flanders)
Beyne-Heusay (Wallonia)
Bierbeek (Flanders)
Bilzen (Flanders)
Binche (Wallonia)
Blankenberge (Flanders)
Blégny (Wallonia)
Bocholt (Flanders)
Boechout (Flanders)
Bonheiden (Flanders)
Boom (Flanders)
Boortmeerbeek (Flanders)
Borgloon (Flanders)
Bornem (Flanders)
Borsbeek (Flanders)
Bouillon (Wallonia)
Boussu (Wallonia)
Boutersem (Flanders)
Braine-l'Alleud (Wallonia)
Braine-le-Château (Wallonia)
Braine-le-Comte (Wallonia)
Braives (Wallonia)
Brasschaat (Flanders)
Brecht (Flanders)
Bredene (Flanders)
Bree (Flanders)
Brugge Bruges (Flanders)
Brunehault (Wallonia)
Brussels (Brussels Capital)
Buggenhout (Flanders)
Butgenbach (Wallonia)